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From Miami-Dade Protocals - Florida Product Approvals to TDI Standards... WinDoor Products have been tested to withstand the highest design pressures in the industry. 

Hurricane and wind-borne debris region building codes are a growing trend across the United States. With the incredible devastation caused by hurricanes and cyclones in wind-borne debris regions, greater emphasis has been placed on products that better protect life and property. Arguably, Miami-Dade County is the gold standard for hurricane product testing. 

States up and down the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, have implemented building codes (i.e. Florida Building Code and International Building Code) requiring the use of hurricane certified products. The Florida Building Code High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions apply to both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Florida. The non-HVHZ provisions apply to the rest of Florida. Most other states have implemented the International Building Codes which require hurricane products for wind-borne debris regions. In addition, Caribbean Island builders are requiring stronger impact resistant products with Miami-Dade hurricane certification

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 The information contained on the TDI Windstorm web page is intended to notify the general public, insurance agents, engineers, builders and inspectors of the applicable certification of products allowed under the process, rules and regulations that apply to structures located in the following Designated Catastrophe Counties along the Texas Gulf Coast.

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